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Computer Science - Homepages

Marc Feeley's homepage
Daniel Vik's homepage
D. J. Bernstein
Malcolm McLean's Homepage
Malcolm Mc Lean (alternate page)
Norman Ramsey
Ian Piumarta
Dan Sheridan (sparse, graphviz, gvpr)
P.J. Plauger
David Given (tack)
Michael Dipperstein
Henk Corporaal
David Moews's home page
Kostas Masselos
Grigoris Dimitroulakos
W. Langdon: Evolutionary Algorithms and Genetic Programming
0xDE (David Eppstein's blog)
K.H. Choi
Ben Lynn's Homepage
J. Burkardt
Phil Sweany
Peter Ashenden
Richard P. Stanley
Cliff Jones
Wolfgang Mueller
Diomidis Spinellis
Cedric Bastoul
Steve Summit's home page
Nadia Nedjah's Homepage
Eli Bendersky's website
Soumyaroop Roy's Home - Optimizations Passes in Machine SUIF
Samuel Shoji Fukujima Goto (ArchC)
Jeremy Siek (BGL, algorithms, generic programming)
Martin Richards
Christine SOLNON (graph similarity)
Uno Takeaki's Home Page
Tsutomu Sasao
Jon T. Butler - Naval Postgraduate School, Homepage">
Steve Leibson
Nicolas Ventroux - Research Engineer CEA LIST (ArchC)
UCSD CSE Professor Michael B Taylor (MBT)
Bill McKeeman (MATLAB)
David Eppstein
Bruce R. Childers
Dr. Cliff Click | Azul Systems: Blogs
Paul Bourke
Karatsuba Anatolii Alexeevich: List of research works
Christakis Lezos: Web developer
Trioflex (Antii Lukats)
Seth D. Bergmann
Rafael Auler's Page (ArchC, LLVM)
Michael J. Schulte (computer arithmetic)
Florent De Dinechin
Professor David May
Olivier Sentieys
Mike Treseler's Folder
Jack Whitham
Bogdan Pasca's homepage (Altera; hardware computer arithmetic)
Umesh Vazirani
Papers of Ron Graham
Efstathios Chatzikyriakidis
Basile Starynkevitch
Samary Baranov
Programming artifacts
Ira Baxter-Lectures on reverse engineering
Rick Ord's Home Page
Professor Terence Parr (PCCTS, ANTLR)
Benjamin Abramov: Digital Hardware Design
Mark Zwolinski Digital System Design home
Professor James Hamblen ECE Ga Tech
Prof. Andy Tanenbaum (Minix, OS book)
Ray Toal
Fabien Sanglard's website: Deep magic explained.
Sabih Gerez (Algorithms for VLSI)
Eric Eide
IƱigo Quilez: fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more
Troy Henderson
Richard E. Haskell
Olivier Poudade-Assembly language page
Milos D. Ercegovac (computer arithmetic)
Tanya Vladimirova (Univ of Surrey page)

Computer science - Miscellaneous

Technology Guide: Computer Programming History (special thanks to Zelda Kitchen for reporting this link; keep up the good work!)
Downloads from Dunfield FTP
Cryptology ePrint Archive
eMIPS - Microsoft Research
C standardization archive and info at Lysator
Cryptograms - source code
The MATCH Project Home Page
McLab (MATLAB infrastructure under development)
r-vex processor implementation
Computer Language Benchmarks Game Shootout
Computer Language Benchmarks Game
OGDF - Open Graph Drawing Framework
DLMF: NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Numerical Evaluation of Special Functions
List of special functions -
GraphVizio - A Visio addin for Graphviz
Deeds logic design suite
A Gentle Introduction to Algorithm Complexity Analysis
Super Resolution From a Single Image
ArchC development - Home
acllvmbackend - Revision 172: /tags/release-1
ACCGen Quickstart
MIPS Interactive Processor
MMIX Home Page
VFLib Graph Matching Library, version 2.0 | mivia
DLSim 3 [Logic Simulator]
RangeLab 1.0
Number Utilities - Num-Utils
Circuit Simulator | PartSim
CircSchema - Griffith University
URM Simulator
Tcl Extensions - by Category
Noise - Perlin
Joseph Culberson's Graph Coloring Resources Page
MythSim: A Computer Simulator for the Classroom
Octavo: An FPGA-Centric Processor Family
Parts list - ChipDB

Computer science - Books and other materials

WWW Computer Architecture Page
MIT OpenCourseWare
Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization
Publicly Available Standards (ISO)
The AWK Programming Language
Unix Seventh Edition Manual
A Field Guide to Genetic Programming
Tsutomu Sasao - Memory-Based Logic Synthesis
Algorithms, 4th Edition by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
Programming Embedded Systems
Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes
Enumerative Combinatorics, Vol 1, 2nd ed, 2011 draft
Bitsavers' historical PDFs
N. Wirth / Books / Compiler Construction
Practical Compiler Construction by Nils M Holm
Transformations and Projections in Computer Graphics
Manual of Computer Graphics
Arithmetic Circuits: FPGAs ASICs and Embedded Systems
Guide to FPGA Implementation of Algorithms
Joachim Weickert: Anisotropic Diffusion in Image Processing
The Architecture of Open Source Applications
Mathematics Greek forum
Greek technical books - High school and college level
Numerical Computing with IEEE Floating Point Arithmetic
Mathematical Illustrations
Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic by Jean-Michel Muller (1st ed)
Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic by Jean-Michel Muller (2nd ed)
Open Textbooks: List | Student PIRGs
Diomidis Spinellis Book Library (alphabetically sorted with cover images)
Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer
Mir Books | Books from the Soviet Era
The Unix Programming Environment
Digital Logic Design : a rigorous approach
A Friendly Introduction to Number Theory
Book: Numerical Algorithms and Digital Representation
A is for Array | The Book for Programmers-To-Be
Discrete Math with Algorithms
Practical Design Patterns in C by Roman Y. Andronov
Manning: Gnuplot in Action
Books by Luc Devroye
Picturing Programs: an Introduction to Computer Programming
10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10
Manning: OpenCL in Action
Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition
Procedural Content Generation in Games
Geometric Tools: Books, source code and documentation for CG, MATH, PHYS, etc
Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems (Lee and Varaiya)
The Zynq Book
Darkroom: Compiling High-Level Image Processing Code into Hardware Pipelines - darkroom14.pdf
Eloquent JavaScript
Computational Physics - A Book by Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos
The Curiosity Cycle: Preparing Your Child for the Ongoing Technological Explosion
Programming Pearls
Generative Art (
B. Stroustrup: Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++
Getting Started with LLVM Core Libraries (9781782166924): Bruno Cardoso Lopes, Rafael Auler: Books--Way to go Rafael!
Embedded Computing: A VLIW Approach to Architecture, Compilers and Tools
Modern Computer Arithmetic
Abramowitz and Stegun: Handbook of Mathematical Functions
The Quest for Artificial Intelligence - qai.pdf
Implementing Programming Languages
Let's Build a Compiler
A Practical Introduction to Hardware/Software Codesign - 2nd Edition
Digital Logic Design: A Rigorous Approach
Stanford CS Education Library

Programming languages and compilers

LLVM compiler infrastructure
clang C/C++ frontend for LLVM
GCC plugin for emitting LLVM intermediate representation
The GNU Compiler Collection
Essential Abstractions in GCC (2010) -- Workshop on GCC Internals
Essential Abstractions in GCC (2012) -- Workshop on GCC Internals
grahamg/toy_compiler @ GitHub
dr Filip Maric (great work on parsers)
gcc-vcg-plugin - Project Hosting on Google Code
Index of /~cs150/Tools/compiler (LLVM, MARS)
Open64: The Open Research Compiler
PACE Platform-Aware Compilation Environment
HP Labs: Downloads: VEX
COINS compiler - international webpage
Updated sources of the MachSUIF compiler
Compilers Reloaded - T3X.ORG
The SubC compiler
Index of /~ck/teaching/introduction-to-compiler-construction
Rosetta Code
Yorick programming language (MATLAB-like) - Unofficial Home Page
The C Conference
Numerical Computing with MATLAB by Cleve Moler
Optimizing C Compiler and an ELF-Based Toolchain for the PicoBlaze Processor
PicoBlaze C Compiler Toolchain
gmc4cc (C Compiler for GMC-4)
The Go Programming Language
LLVM 3.0: PTX Backend | Justin's Code Haus
Calculon: a very small programming language
Student thesis on LLVM to PTX backend
ICFP 2008 programming contest archive
Small BASIC Interpreters
Adept Software - PLC (Programming Language Creator)
Programming Language Popularity Index
COS 333, Spring 2012: Home Page
txlCookbook - slecourse/slecourse Wiki - GitHub
A First Guide to PostScript
Home | MINimal IR Space | Assembla
Index of /~wanghua/course/compiler
SSA Construction - Compiler Design Lab, Saarland University
QCC - A Quick C Compiler
MATISSE Tool (MATLAB compiler)
C Puzzles
Tile64 backend for LLVM
EE380's mucky.c compiler
EE380 MUCKY (MIPS uCompiler from KY)
EE380 Simple Processor Architecture Simulator
Liste de compilateurs pascal (C)Pascaland
TORSCHE Scheduling Toolbox for Matlab - Manual - Scheduling Algorithms
cscott/Harpoon GitHub
Linux Commands - A practical reference
BASIC-256 - An easy to use BASIC language and IDE for education.
C/C++ to Assembly
Patterns in C - The Book
Clesio / clang-llvm / source / lib / AsmParser / a?" Bitbucket
Epsilon 0.618
Calvin Compiler
Eric Schkufza (STOKE superoptimizer)
Bell Labs: Selected Computing Sciences Technical Reports
NULLSTONE Optimization Categories
Write An LLVM Backend Tutorial For Cpu0
LibFirm (compilation infrastructure)
Programming Language Translation
Open64 Developers Forum 2010
OpenARC: Open Accelerator Research Compiler | Future Technologies Group
TSVC vectorizing compiler test suite
x86 Instruction Reference
C Programming Tutorial, v4.02
Jim's ISETL Page
CS/COS 126 taught by D.R. Hanson
Beej's Guide to C Programming

Programming language cheatsheets - Cheat Sheets for Developers.
Cheat Sheet: All Cheat Sheets in one page
Latex cheat sheet
Cheat Sheets -
The Quick Reference Site - The largest collection of free Quick Reference Cards
Handbooks and reference cards
quick_reference_cards - > quick_reference_cards
Quick References Cards - MulberryTech | Collecting all the cheat sheets - Quick Reference Cards Cheat Sheets

Computer arithmetic

William Waite -- Elementary Function Tests
IEEE 754 floating-point test software
CRlibm: Correctly Rounded mathematical library
Metalibm - the automatic libm implementer
FloPoCo: floating-point and fixed-point RTL operation generator
A VHDL Library of Parametrisable Floating-Point and LNS Operators for FPGA (predecessor of FloPoCo)
CGPE: Code Generation for Polynomial Evaluation
RPL Floating Point Library
IEEE-754 Analysis
IEEE-754 Analysis (github)
Floating-Point Unit Generator
Arithmetic module generator Based on ACG
Digital Signal Labs
Embedded Systems Design Laboratory - Floating Point Partitioning
Floating-Point Arithmetic Test Programs
Josh Haberman: dumpfp: A Tool to Inspect Floating-Point Numbers
Cephes mathematical library at NETLIB
The MathCW Mathematical Function Library home
IEEE 754: Supplemental Readings
RPL Floating Point Library

VHDL, Verilog HDL, SystemVerilog, SystemC

GHDL: Peter Gavin's repository
VHDL Starters Guide
Verilog Vhdl EDA tools for FPGA ASIC
Archive List for the RASSP Digest
Mark G. Arnold (Verilog transcendental functions library)
VHDL packages
Using Math routines in Verilog
Image Processing Examples (in VHDL) by Martin J. Thompson
This suite of RTL benchmarks comprise a mix of controllers and DSP circuits
SynApps VHDL Parser
Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology
VHDLParser and VHDLTree
Verilog.Net - Free Tools
EE 552 (VHDL)
Open-Source IP Core Server
Altera FreeCore Library Homepage
Open Hardware Repository
SystemC processor simulator with GTK+ simulation frontend
VHDL Syntax (IEEE Std 1076-1993)
VHDL samples
Verilog Coding Styles for Synthesis
Index of /vhpidirect
Tom Coonan's Home Page
Southampton VHDL-AMS Validation
SystemC Page

Hardware and FPGAs

VeriNES NES Emulator (a.k.a. NES-on-a-Chip) by Jonathon W. Donaldson
The Descriptive Camera project
Raspberry Pi | An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!
FPGA Gurus | The latest news, blogs, applications and resources on FPGAs
All Programmable Planet - All things programmable
Hamsterworks (embedded system projects by Mike Field)
Al Williams (FPGAs)
72-bit pipelined FPGA Mandelbrot generator |
Euterpe - An FPGA project (fractal)
Cheap FPGA Development Boards
Ludde's FPGA NES: Ludde's FPGA NES
parallella (Parallella) -- GitHub
Wolfgang-Spraul/fpgatools GitHub
The FPGA Expert
List of FPGA-based Computing Machines
Open-source FPGA Stereo Vision Core released |
XILINX USB/Parallel JTAG cables on Linux without windrvr
Gameduino: a game adapter for microcontrollers - excamera
FPGALink: Easy USB to FPGA Communication
Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone by Adapteva -- Kickstarter
FPGA Boards and Systems at FPGA-FAQ.ORG
Jim Davis (FPGAs)
ECAD and Architecture Practical Classes: Thacker's Tiny Computer 3
ASICSolutions GPLGPU | Learn FPGA Programming
Digital Logic - Laboratory Exercises
Propeller 1 Open Source | Parallax Inc
RISC-V initiative for an open ISA
SpiNNaker project at the School of Computer Science - The University of Manchester

High-level synthesis

HercuLeS high-level synthesis
High-Level Synthesis: Methodologies and Practice
LegUp: High Level Synthesis
High-Level Synthesis with LegUp
Nadav Rotem
GraphLab website
Bertrand Le Gal (GraphLab HLS)
High-Level Synthesis Blue Book by Michael Fingeroff
Old? AutoPilot FTP
AutoESL Design Technologies, Inc. (AutoPilot)
Xilinx Vivado HLS
Wecome to ROCCC 2.0
Bit Accurate Modelling - Tools for modelling hardware in limited precision C++ and Matlab
C-to-Gates (C2G)'07 Compiler
ASM++: a modern Algorithmic State Machine methodology for RTL designs
Catapult C Synthesis Overview - Mentor Graphics
PandA: A framework for Hardware-Software Co-Design of Embedded Systems
DIME-C | Development Tools by NallaTech
HLS papers repository (mostly from the 90's)
Symbolic Techniques in High Level Synthesis
CyberWorkBench: Products (HLS) | NEC
Behavioral Compiler Tutorial
funningboy/SOC_c_model GitHub
DIME-C: ANSI-C to VHDL Compiler
Vsyn - C to Verilog compiler (in Russian)
ahir - Algorithm to hardware compilation tools

Electronic Design Automation

Kactus2 at
The EDA Daily EDA Synopsys SNPS Mentor MENT Cadence CDNS Magma LAVA
Vivado Design Suite
Torc: Tools for Open Reconfigurable Computing
FPGAsm | Free Development software downloads at
Hw/Sw Co-Design, CAD, HLS, Embedded Systems Web Pages
CodasipAR - CodasipAR Framework Tools
The Advanced Processor Technologies Group: ASIPIDE
SimGen - EDIF, NetTran, FPGA to ASIC Conversion Utility for Tanner Tools EDA
FlowVHDL, VHDL to Flowchart Converter
FPGA Brook Compiler
Spiral Project: DFT/FFT IP Core Generator
SPIRAL Multiplier Block Generator
TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE)
SemiWiki: Different Methods for IP Valuation
MAQAO project overview
pyVhdl2Sch - Python based VHDL to (pdf) schematic converter
WaveDrom - Digital timing diagram in your browser


IEEE SA - P1735 - Recommended Practice for Encryption and Management of Electronic Design Intellectual Property (IP)
P1076 < TWiki
IEEE-SA Supplemental Material for IEEE 1076 (VHDL standard)
The Khronos Group Inc.
OpenVX - Hardware acceleration API for Computer Vision applications and libraries
SPIR provisional standard by Khronos group
OpenCL - The open standard for parallel programming of heterogeneous systems
RTCA, Inc. (DO-254 standard)

Software - Individual pages

Icarus Verilog for Windows
The GNU MP Bignum Library
ArchC architecture description language
Modelio, UML modeling tool - MDA, Business process and software architecture design
GAUL: Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
SPIRAL Software
Visual X-TOY
Groups and Graphs
Joe Sawada's algorithms page
Cilk project (nice C parser)
The Boost C++ Libraries
ANTLR: ANother Tool for Language Recognition
BNF Parser Generator
GraphGen - a synthetic graph generator
TXL (programming language/environment for transformation generation)
libdivide at GitHub Compare this project to kdiv, my constant division routine generator
Integer Overflow Checker
musl libc
Repository for the MCNC benchmarks
Old projects by Fabrice Bellard
Index of /pub/tjiang (OLIVE code generator link, 2013)
onetrueawk/awk -- GitHub
Math Library - Source Code
Imagine graphic file format viewer
freewrap Tcl/Tk executable wrapper
dotgraph.tcl: Tcl commands for "dot"
Index of /src/rand48-crlf
Mscgen: A Message Sequence Chart Renderer
Distance Transforms
testgen2 homepage
cdecl: C gibberish to English
Index of /impr (libimpr-0.1)
docutils (lightweight document markup)
Index of /polygen/
smallpt: Global Illumination in 99 lines of C++
Renderer 2.x - Basic 3D algorithms
OpenVL: Developer-Friendly Computer Vision (created by HCT@UBC)

Software - Repositories

Apple Open Source - Releases
Reseach projects at Microsoft Research
Google code
JS1k, 1k Javascript demo contest
Some ANSI C ports of old games
devel software for FreeBSD
Software - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
Software for computer vision problems
Historic Linux distributions public domain software source code archive
Directory listing of examples
Astrophysical Code Library
misccode @
Whiteley Research Inc. Free Software Repository
Tcl Extensions - by Category
PngSuite - the official set of PNG test images
Software (Pieter's libraries)
XPASE - Public Domain Directory.
Projects repository and
omoikane (uguu's code)
The Fossies Software Archive - unix/misc
Lazy Foo' Productions: SDL tutorials
Astronomy and numerical software source codes
cambridgehackers: Build software better, together
ccan (Comprehensive C Archive Network)
Gooey - Turn (almost) any command line program into a full GUI application with one line
hoc: extended high-order calculator


TeXblog - Typography with TeX and LaTeX
MetaPost Previewer by Troy Henderson
Page of Merciadri Luca (LaTeX)
The TeX showcase
Greek TeX friends and Eutypon (Eftipon TeX magazine meaning "Well Typed" in Greek - some articles in English)
METAPOST previewer by Troy Henderson
Function grapher using METAPOST by Troy Henderson
doi2bib: Easily generate citations in BibTeX format for referencing from digital object identifiers
A very tiny, monospace, bitmap font
xpicture homepage


The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (IJFCS)
Bell System Technical Journal
MIT Press Journals
DOAJ -- Directory of Open Access Journals
Journal of Computing
JCP - Journal of Computers
Hindawi Journals
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience
C/C++ Users Journal table of contents
Oxford Journals | Computer Journal
Journal of Integer Sequences
Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications


deltaHacker magazine (in Greek)
PDF Archives | Maximum PC
CUG CD-ROM Volumes listed by title
Hugi Online Issues
Jerry Peek's Linux Magazine Articles
Compute! Magazine Archive
Unix Review > Archives


ICECS 2001 The 8th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems
ICIP 2001 2001 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
DSP 2002 14th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing
PATMOS 2002 12th International Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
IMTC 2003 2003 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference
PATMOS 2003 13th International Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
VLSI-SoC 2003 IFIP International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (IFIP VLSI-SOC 2003)
PATMOS 2004 14th International Workshop on Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
ASAP 2005 16th IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors
MELECON 2006 2006 IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference
ISCAS 2006 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
VLSI-SoC 2008 16th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration
ISVLSI 2010 2010 IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI (ISVLSI)
ERSA 2011 The International Conference on Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms
SAMOS XII (2012) International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation
DSD 2012 15th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design(DSD)
ReCoSoC 2012 7th International Workshop on Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip
DASIP 2012 Conference on Design & Architectures for Signal & Image Processing
ASAP 2012 23rd IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors
FPL 2013 23rd International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications
PCI 2013 17th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics
ASAP conferences (permanent webpage)
SAMOS conferences
ReCoSoC conferences
DASIP conferences
DATE: Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference
ECSI ESLsyn symposia (colocated with DAC)
Wikicfp: calls for papers for conference and journals
Hardware Conference 2013
ERSA 2011 online proceedings
Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware 1989 (proceedings)


Silexica Software Solutions GmbH
Silexica: Overview | LinkedIn
Aeroflex Gaisler
picoChip - Revolutionizing Wireless Infrastructure - Home page
Mathworks Inc.
ACM: Association for Computing Machinery
IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Dialog Semiconductor
Ocean Logic
Think Silicon Ltd: Overview | LinkedIn
Antcor SA: Overview | LinkedIn
Atomic Rules, Strategic Capabilities for Reconfigurable Computing
Advanced Microelectronics | BitSim
Think Silicon Ltd. Mobile Graphics Solutions
QuickLogic - Customizable Semiconductors for Mobile Devices
Wescott Design Services
Space Hellas S.A. - System Integrator and Value-added Solution Provider
Entner Electronics
NikTech Inc (Guy Eschemann)
Dynalith Systems
CEVA Powers the Worlda?Ts Leading Mobile and Consumer Electronic Devices
Digilent Inc. - Digital Design Engineer's Source
SparkFun Electronics
eASIC Corporation - Low Cost/Power FPGA & Low NRE ASIC Solutions, IP Cores
Tauhop Solutions

Various (self-publishing)
AmigaHellas, the Magazine
PhDcomics: it's all real!
Flynano: Man was born to fly
The Minoan Language - Daidalika
MARC: Mailing list ARChives
Issuu - You Publish
Bitsavers files: Index by date
Pixar - Shorts
Retro Futurism | Ubersuper
VALO-CD: The Best of Free and Open Source Software for Windows
Old Software Downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux and Abandonware Games | Old
Paleofuture Blog
KEEP Project - Keeping Emulation Environments Portable
The Research Cooperative - researchers, science writers, editors, translators, illustrators, publishers
The Great Gatsby for NES
The JSON Resume
Lambdasat | Greek Minds at Work
magictools - A list of Game Development resources
Procedural Content Generation Wiki


Free Industry Illustration (commercial use OK!)
JAC Clipart Archive
Public Domain clip art at WPClipart, top thumbnail browsing page - Public Domain Clip Art

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