xopreplace user manual

Title xopreplace (Machine-SUIF pass for replacing a function call by a SUIFvm operator)
Author Nikolaos Kavvadias 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Contact nikos@nkavvadias.com
Website http://www.nkavvadias.com
Release Date 02 October 2014
Version 1.0.0
Rev. history  


Initial release.

1. Introduction

xopreplace is a transformation pass that is used for replacing occurences of certain function calls by instances of equivalent operators, if such exist. It can be used on the SUIFvm IR (intermediate representation) for replacing builtin functions by SUIFvm operators that provide the same functionality. This allows for expanding basic blocks and identifying better opportunities for optimizations in the context of software and hardware synthesis.

The supported operators currently are:

absolute value
minimum of two operands
maximum of two operands.

This pass depends on the machine, cfg and suifvm libraries MachSUIF. The xopreplace pass has been tested with MachSUIF

2. File listing

The xopreplace distribution includes the following files:

/xopreplace Top-level directory
AUTHORS List of xopreplace authors.
LICENSE The modified BSD license governs xopreplace.
README.rst This file.
README.html HTML version of README.
README.pdf PDF version of README.
VERSION Current version of the project sources.
rst2docs.sh Bash script for generating the HTML and PDF versions of the documentation (README).
suif_main.cpp Entry point for building the standalone program do_xopreplace that implements the pass.
suif_pass.cpp Define the SUIF pass built as the dynamically loadable library libxopreplace.so.
suif_main.h C++ header file for the above.
utils.h C header file with implementations of auxiliary functions.
xopreplace.cpp Implementation of the xopreplace pass.
xopreplace.h C++ header file containing declarations and prototypes for the above.

3. Installation

Unpack the xopreplace archive wherever you like, e.g. in $MACHSUIFHOME/cfa/xopreplace. You don't need to modify anything in the Makefile, if you have a working MachSUIF 2 installation.

The program binary (do_xopreplace) will be installed at $NCIHOME/bin and the shared library (libxopreplace.so) at $NCIHOME/solib, where NCIHOME is the SUIF 2 top-level directory.

4. Usage details

The pass accepts an input file in CFG form to operate. Textual output is generated, written to stdout by default.

Usage synopsys: | $ do_xopreplace test.cfg